Help & FAQ

How home study courses work:

It's easy! All materials are downloaded instantly upon purchase, nothing will be mailed to you. Once you have downloaded your continuing education home study course, simply read the reading material provided, then answer the post-test. The post-test is open study, contains multiple choice and true and false questions, and may be completed at your convenience (prior to course expiration date). Once you complete the post-test you may take the test online, fax, email or mail us your answer sheet. You must receive a score of 75 percent or better to be issued a certificate of completion. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, if you are not completely satisfied with your course you may request a re-fund within 10 days of purchase as long as you have not been issued a certificate of completion. Once a certificate of completion is issued, refunds will not be granted.

Retaking Exams:

ARRT regulations allow a total of three attempts at an exam. Please refer to ARRT's website for detailed information regarding repeating CE activities. There are no additional fees if a test has to be re-taken. 

 Category A and A+?

Category A and A+ activities have been reviewed and approved by an ARRT-Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM). A RCEEM is a quality-control mechanism for CE activities.

What is Category A credit?

Category A activities are those evaluated and approved by a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM). Activities approved by a RCEEM are awarded either Category A or A+ credit. When choosing your CE activities, look for Category A or A+ approval from an ARRT approved RCEEM. All courses offered by X-RAY CE are approved by an ARRT recognized RCEEM and are accepted by the ARRT for Continuing Education Credit.

What is Category A+ credit?

Category A+ credit is awarded to CE activities that meet the content criteria for registered radiologist assistants. Category A+ CE materials must be related to one or more clinical activities in the role delineation of the R.R.A., and the activity must be approved by an organization recognized by the ARRT as an A+ CE evaluation mechanism. 

R.T.s may complete A+ activities to satisfy part or all of their required CE credits each biennium as set forth by ARRT guidelines.

Can I purchase the same course more than once?

Activities may be available in multiple formats or from different CE sponsors. ARRT regulations state that an individual may not repeat a self-learning CE activity for credit if it was reported in the same CE biennium. Please refer to the ARRTs website for further information regarding repeating CE activities.

How to order online:

To add items to your order, browse our selection of courses. When you see a course you would like to purchase simply click the appropriate button to place it in the shopping cart. 

Purchasing options:

For some of our courses you can purchase an additional test by itself for a reduced price. If you buy the additional test only, you will not receive the book. Additional test option is for someone who already has the book.

Do you report my CE activity to ARRT?

We do not report your credits to the ARRT. At the end of a biennium or reporting period, the ARRT will provide the technologist with a CE report form along with the application for renewal of registration. The technologist will be required to list the completed CE activities on the CE report form. When the CE report form is received in the ARRT office, a random sample of registrants will be selected and asked to provide copies of documentation of CE participation. This documentation is the certificate of completion we send to you. When you receive your certificate of completion from X-RAY CE, be sure to keep it in a safe place in case you are audited by the ARRT. For the ARRT requirements for continuing education, go to the ARRT website at

What do "DIRECT" and "INDIRECT" mean on my certificate of completion?

This indicates whether or not the course is directly related to the use of ionizing radiation, a distinction required for Texas licensure CE requirements.

Quick ordering:

Ordering your course on our website is the quickest way to order. You may also call in toll free to order at 1-866-405-9729.

Certificate policies:

Successful completion requires a passing score of 75%. If you do not pass, ARRT regulations allow the exam to be attempted for two additional attempts. If the exam is not successfully passed after three attempts, no continuing education credit will be given during the current CE biennium. Upon submitting your answers for grading in the on-line testing center, your certificate will be issued instantly upon a passing score and can be located in your "My Reports" tab.  Certificate issue date is the date that you successfully complete your test in the online testing center with a passing score of 75%. No back dating of certificates per ARRT Regulations. 

Course policies:

All courses must be completed before the expiration date to receive credit. Courses are not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you order a discontinued course, you will be notified to select another course or get a full refund.

How does the Pro Plan work?

The X-RAY CE Professional Plan is the option to choose if you need multiple courses to satisfy your biennial CE requirements. Users of the Pro Plan are issued a unique coupon code which will enable them to download unlimited courses from our library for 12 months for one low fee of $60.00. At the end of 12 months, the coupon will expire. There is no subscription required. Pro Plan coupon codes are generated during normal operating business hours Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm central standard time. Coupon codes are also generated outside of our normal operating business hours, and are normally generated within an hour or so but may take up to 24 hours.

Continuing Qualifications Requirements (CQR)

All courses offered by X-RAY CE have been evaluated by the ARRT for CQR. To see how CQR credit is distributed for a course, simply click on the course and then click on the blue link below the course description for ARRT CQR Credit Distribution. This will give the break down of credit for CQR for the course. If you are unsure if one of our courses will meet your specific CQR, contact the ARRT for confirmation.